Thursday, September 28, 2006

Holly on the half shell

Holly wore a Ninja Turtle costume to Fuse last night.

I love her.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

fiery death and Alice Cooper’s sinewy thighs

Dave was telling me a story this morning about a friend of his who got set on fire via Molotov cocktail during a fight (a change of pace from our current topic of the week, Bugs: eating them; big creepy ones) and I suddenly had the strangest wave of déjà vu. Did someone get set on fire recently? Was I talking about setting people on fire with someone? Rachael Ray? Were we going to set Rachael Ray on fire? Did she set herself on fire? This is going to bother me all day.

I’m curious about the guy on the bus every morning with the long wet hair who is always writing furiously in his Moleskine. Is he crazy, brilliant, pretentious? What the heck is he writing about? Is he taking careful study of everyone on the bus? Or perhaps writing down his detailed Alice Cooper fantasies? Mysteries.

Oh and really, there are few things quite as bothersome as waking up to find an angry e-mail written to you in Spanish from your ex. Okay, yes, I’m sorry I didn’t make it to see your band play last night. But I had other plans and besides, maybe I’m not ready to see you yet. Maybe I’m not ready to see you yet. Quizás no estoy listo verle.

It is a tiresome life I lead.

Monday, September 25, 2006

and then

In between all the nightmares I had last night there was one funny dream mixed in. I was trying to decide on what to be for Halloween and had narrowed it down to either a pixel or Helvetica.

Both remind me of how I used to sit in eighth grade algebra and stare intently at some symbol in the textbook, trying to merge myself into it. IF I FOCUS ALL OF MY MENTAL ENERGY ON THIS BETA I WILL SHRINK SO TINY SMALL INTO AN INK DOT AND THEN I CAN SLEEP FOREVER AND BE TINYSMALL AND NO ONE WILL EVER BOTHER ME

Those who know me well may recognize this sort of thinking from a time not too long ago. Ah, me! But all those people are gone.

Today during my lunch break I lay down under a sugar maple and thought about home.

when I was a child things being hurt made me sorry for them

(but it seemed the way men and women did and we had not made the world.)

My throat feels bee-stung. I’m starting to feel again like I should leave this place.

I also feel as if I could cry but I think instead I will make a list, read for a while, sleep if I can (I can’t), then go to work and do simple calm things.

Don’t take everything so personally, Emily.

Okay, okay.

Friday, September 22, 2006

copy room haiku

Two hundred copies
Double sided black and white
So very boring

I have a question
It’s: what the hell is toner?
What the hell is it?

The copy machine
Hates me. It knows I’m coming.
It will jam again.

Stupid copier
Quit eating all my papers
I will kick you hard

Today I am writing haiku in my head whilst doing tedious tasks.
Gotta put that English degree to good use. : (

Party at the House of Awesome tonight! Get pumped!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hangover update.

So I got in about two hours worth of work in before resigning myself to the office toilet for some quality heaving. I finally gave up and went home. (And really, I was and continue to be very put out by all this…I had one beer, one admittedly potent gin and tonic, and five sips of an LIT. I blame the bartender. I blame the “beer before liquor” rule. I blame twenty-one years of relative sobriety.) On the walk back to Carrboro, some idiot drove past and made kissy noises at me. Pity he hadn’t been driving a bit slower; I could have thrown up in his car.

I was pleased to find a sleepy Neil on the couch when I got home. Among his many other fine qualities, Neil is an exceptional generator of comforting body heat and cuteness. A few hours of napping and a lot of water later and I was pretty much back to normal. But poor little Jess is still a sickly, starving thing, and Holly and I did our best to ease her suffering with the healing powers of Star Trek, Wayne’s World, and Wendy’s. A strange man who turned out to be my dad showed up at the door while we were watching House to report that my car-beast is functional once more. (Felicidades!) So today was, at the last, a good day. Bed!

oh nos.

It is a terrible thing when you drag yourself into the shower in the morning because you think you smell like a Fuse-sicle, only to later discover that it is the house, not you, that smells like cigarettes. Cigarettes! Why must you make me so itchy-hurty-swollen? I feel like-a the poopoo. Last night was fun though.

First, a word about the weekend:

I think I’m getting to the point where I find Lincolnton quaint and adorable rather than stifling and vaguely depressing. And really, nothing is cuter or more representative of small-town kitsch than the Apple Festival. The fam and I made our rounds at the festival and then the lot of us went out to dinner at Fox’s, which has the best seafood ever. Ever. I found out the secret to why their baked potatoes are so damn tasty: they boil them in salt water a little before putting them in the oven. Genius! I was reminded of how when we were kids my dad would always order the seafood platter and give mom his deviled crab (her favorite). I used to think that this was the most romantic thing ever. I guess that I now think the most romantic thing ever would be having “International Small Arms Traffic Blues” sung to me, but what do I know about how the world works? Nothing, nothing.

Oh god, today. My only consolation is that eventually I will get to go home, eat a baked potato, take a nap, and go to Bryan & Andy’s to watch movies.

P.S. Holly: your head scratches so good make-a grown man cry.

Friday, September 15, 2006

homeward bound

Last night I woke up from a dream I was having, (violently bludgeoning a room full of people with one of those hinged closet doors from the south campus dorms, but that’s neither here nor there) grabbed a notebook and wrote this down:

Remember to unlock the car tomorrow. Remember to buy peanut butter. Remember to call everyone who needs calling. Remember to remove summer skirts. At the last of it, send out the following psychic message: Please don’t let me down. Please don’t let me down. Please don’t let me down.

I am going home today to see my family. The Lincoln County Apple Festival is this weekend, so hurry and get in all your requests for apples, apple tarts, apple pies, apple cider, apple butter, and apples covered in candy, caramel, and/or nuts.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

earth is soft and it yields to pressure

Tonight Bryan and I were driving into Chapel Hill to get some dinner and he begins telling me about this guy that comes into VisArt (his current place o’ employment) whom everyone calls “The Masturbator.” As that moniker might imply, this dude comes into VisArt with the sole intent of hanging out in the porn section with his hands down his pants. Bryan says that occasionally this guy will surface, hand still securely down his drawers, stare at one of the female employees for a bit, and then retreat again into the porn room. The world is so full of strange people; I shall never be bored.

Bought a bunch of books today at the used bookstore downtown, including some old Faulkner, Graham Greene, and a book of Vonnegut essays that I had never seen before and which I am pretty excited about. Certain people who owe me thirty dollars better be glad that I was occupied in sharing an umbrella with a very dapper Will Walter coming home from the comic book store and that I didn’t have a free hand to ROB and KILL them.

Starting with my next paycheck I think I’m going to begin setting aside cash for travel adventures, the first of which will be a trip to Korea to see Cassidy-my-love. A bit more should be kept for later when I decide to escape the country for a while.

I have big plans involving a down comforter and rain on a tin roof, so goodnight.

cat post

1. Binx is a ghost

2. And this is pretty much the best thing I've ever seen.

Monday, September 11, 2006

b is for blathering

So recently I’ve been helping design a study based loosely on Bar & Aminoff’s work concerning the cortical processing of contextual associations. Basically, we are going to try to test the idea that there are different neural mechanisms activated by visual cues that represent certain contexts (like a barn, a cow, and a haystack to represent a farm) and by those visual cues that represent certain categories (drinks, toys, shoes), but which are unrelated to any unifying context in particular. Anyhow. I was searching on the Microsoft website for photo clip art of toys and I found this beauty:

What the crap.

So I quit the cult in a fairly amusing manner and after that my weekend just kept on getting better. Nothing like free will to make your bed comfy and your food taste good. My car broke down and I continue to be lousy with ex-boyfriends (I mean that in the “covered with, as one might be covered in lice” sense, not in the “terrible with” sense) but these things are vaguely hilarious and I’m having a great time.

It’s almost autumn. I’m knitting ugly yellow legwarmers. People kept winking at me today, what’s up with that?

I’m spent.

Friday, September 08, 2006

the Legacy Center is a cult and I am miserable, part two

I forgot to mention that at the end of each session we have to close our eyes and listen intently to Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying."


the Legacy Center is a cult and I am miserable, part one

Okay. Okay. Here is my dilemma: I hate the self-help cult. It is hell on earth. On the first day of the seminar, the lead cult robot (who looks like Dick Cheney) made me so anxious that I actually felt physically ill. I haven’t learned anything. Every single concept is a watered down version of something you could find in a philosophy text or a social psychology class. It is inane. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that the point of the Cheney-bot being such an evil tyrant on Day One was to promote the post hoc fallacy…after any period of distress you are going to later feel a period of (comparative) upswing or satisfaction, right? So if I go back to the cult and things feel comparatively better just because they aren’t as shitty-awful as yesterday, I’m supposed to mistake that for personal growth and improvement, aren’t I? It’s like boot camp. Fuck that noise.

Oh, and yesterday? Cheney-bot taught us that everything is our fault. (Intended point: feeling like a victim isn’t healthy and taking responsibility for one’s own life is important.) His version, however, included the idea that depression (we’re talking the clinical condition, folks) is a choice. I was livid. I am dealing with truly stupid people here. The worst thing is that I know exactly what they are trying to say and trying to teach us, but they are fucking it up. Everything is scripted. If someone tries to introduce a complexity into the equation, Cheney-bot gets pissy and shuts them down. One of the robots who sits at the back of the room has a habit of constantly, constantly shaking his head in disagreement anytime anybody speaks unless the person is repeating the exact jargon the Cheney-bot has been feeding us. Fuck that.

I am twenty-two. I have an amazing family. I love my housemates and my friends. I have a great job. I have a million things to look forward to. My problems aren’t the end of the world; they’re part of my life. I get that now. I am wasting my time and money on this asinine program.

Back to my dilemma: do I quit the cult today and lose $500, or do I suffer through 30 more hours of this bullshit in the next four days and then ask for my money back? I’m screwed either way.

Thanks for nothing, Legacy Center.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well that was perfectly dreadful.


My sculptor friend whom I talk with in the mornings was not on the bus to-day. (I hope he wasn’t late for work.) So instead I sat by myself quietly and thought about jellyfish; later an elfin man in a suit got on the bus and we made shy eyes at each other. We may be a little bit in love, which is completely understandable as he had black hair and eyes and I am wearing perfectly remarkable shoes.

It is 9:00 and so I have to start work now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

social ineptitude and spores again

Sorry, Random Guy. I’m awkward. Those were some awesome mushrooms, though!

I’ve begun to notice that people oftentimes mistake the perma-smirk on my face for me smiling at them. This is usually okay. But I’m also prone to staring lovingly at squirrels/birds/trees/fungus, etc. which can apparently lead to trouble.

I have no control over my facial expressions.

Therapy Cult tomorrow. Here’s hoping they can fix my idiot life.

Monday, September 04, 2006

My nerves are bad to-night. Yes, bad. Stay with me.

Self-help cult starts in two days. I’m frightened. I need a Zoloft milkshake and a hug. I have been making a list of nice calming things in my head because today has been full of tummyaches.

things that make life worth living:

bean dip
love notes
comic books
fall leaves going crunchcrunchcrunch
christmas lights
picking up pecans in the yard
warm laundry, cold hands
warm puppy, cold feet

All that withstanding, I’m still a little sad.

All birds have begun making a nest, expect you and I. What are we waiting for?