Friday, November 24, 2006

An update.

Things that have been going on:

Joe came to visit and painted a floating Teddy Roosevelt head
on Holly’s wall.

I went to pledge formal dressed as the Childlike Empress.
Got toasts and kisses. There was too much naked.

I have been writing lots of notes to myself, forgetting about them, and finding them later. They say things like “even in my dreams I rely heavily on air quotes” and “how do you absolutely feel?”

How do you absolutely feel?

A new theme at the house has been “the joys and hazards of living with an art student.” Such as: there is barbed wire and cigarette butts in the Jell-O. And: at three in the morning in a dark kitchen, clumps of sawdust on a cookie tray can look deceptively like apple crisp.

I don’t think it is possible to love Jesse any more than I already do. Look at him. Look!

In other house news, Jess took Binx to get fixed. Bye-bye, Binx’s manhood. You were a smelly manhood and shan’t be missed.

Ilana got married and the wedding was beautiful and perfect. The amazing Kat and I looked after many a bebe and it was verygoodtimes. Babies in tiny formalwear and yamikas are awesome. Kat Godfrey is awesome. Chocolate fountains are awesome. Children’s television programming is dreadful.

I made a friend on the internets. *waves*

Things happened at Linda’s and Skylight and Fuse and The Cave and they were all fun and everybody involved was exceptionally good-looking.

Other things have happened but I’ve mostly forgotten them. This is why I keep this godforsaken blog in the first place. Bah.

That’ll do.


The Madness Of King George said...

You absolutely feel like lotioned-up foamy goodness stretched thin over bone. I should know, since I've poked you in the forehead and pinched your arms on several different occasions.

^_^ said...

I love you, angry avatar, and I would trade two-and-twenty tofurkeys to be in Chapel Hill with you right now.

Poop on this holiday. POOP, I say.