Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chapter One: In which our heroine experiences soul-death and later ruins a perfectly good wristwatch.

I am light-headed.

We went to Asheville this weekend to see Broken Social Scene play at the Orange Peel. Early Saturday morning everyone in the house was awake and on drugs and in the process of baking a biscuit the size and shape of Japan. MattThomas got us to Asheville in three hours. I spent most of that time in a contented narcotic haze, having tranquilized myself thoroughly after hearing the words “grad school.” (We listened to Dragonforce as gauzy sunlight spilled through the windows and it was glorious, glorious.) There was lunch at the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company and then we met up with the others downtown. (total: me, Matt, Kenton, Cameron, Erin, Gene) At a bookstore we watched some bizarre hippies doing performance art…some sort of strange falling-leaning dance where they melted and oozed all over one another. Later, CameronKentonGene attempted to bring this artform to the streets of Asheville.

(pictures ganked from the lovely interrobang)

There was coffee and dinner and bars and then !! indie rock !! (It was very very cold at this point; we clumped together into an amoeba of warmth.) We played Destructo while waiting for the show to start (cup of meat destroyed by meat sweat destroyed by kidney failure destroyed by electrolysis destroyed by power outage…) and made a few friends in the process (copyright law destroyed by Cory Doctorow destroyed by tragic ride malfunction at Disney World…). Do Make Say Think opened and rocked out like a bunch of verbs. Broken Social Scene played a three! hour!! set!!! and it was incredible.

MattThomas and I drove back to Chapel Hill after the show because there was babysittin’ to do in the morning, except I am an idiot and we were a week early. (It is really amazing that MattThomas hasn’t killed me yet.) I went back to bed for 20 hours or so and woke up feeling worthless and miserable. Went to work, went back to sleep, feel better today. Is it still raining? Yes? Good.


Anonymous said...


this made me laugh very hard. sorry i was so sickly and awkward around your brother last night, please give him my best. talk to you soon.

-you know who

Marathon Man said...

According to the MyHeritage Face Recognition program, Andy looks like Justin Timberlake, Tony Danza, and Matt Dillon all rolled into one. I, on the other hand, look like Kelly Osborne. The internet makes me feel inadequate.